Mauricio Carneiro

Era uma vez… EU!

With the success of the We-Waste project, I transformed the characters and their stories into an illustrated book.

Working again with Beo Da Silva, Paulo Lins and Eduardo Lima, I have completed the evolution of the Creature, ‘ME’. My baby is finally born.

Beo helped me flesh out this story of metaphor, where the characters of a future world live in the repugnant residues of civilisation. Paulo created a poetic narrative for the characters – an unfamiliar reality: dirty, used and dismembered. And Eduardo brought everything together through design, allowing my visuals to express the tale’s drama and emotion.

My illustration style is colourful and full of energy, to reflect my experiences during We-Waste. However, the book is dark, provocative and challenging. ‘Era uma vez… EU!’ challenges its readers, young and old, to examine our relationships with waste.

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